Historic West End Lofts (DT Atlanta)

Historic West End Lofts (DT Atlanta)


20 Foot ceilings

a Climate-controlled environment

2 Balcony/Loft mezzanines

Sealed concrete floors

a Commercial-size garage door for easy vehicle access

Natural lighting provided by six skylights

a Private Dressing Room

a VIP Entertainment Lounge

Professional-size pool table

Free Wi-Fi access

2 PA Systems

Business meeting/conference room

 Various wall finishes, colors, & textures


{Historic West End Lofts }  South West Atlanta (Down Town
  • 10,0000 SQ Feet
  • Convenient location Down town
  • Stripper Pole Included
  • (Music, Party lights, $1000 Dollar bills & a Stripper Poles  provided if you book 3 dancers or more)
  • Hookahs provided on request
  • Bartenders & Waitresses  on request 
  • Provide your on Alcohol and request a waitress /bartender  or we will provide alcohol and we charge for drinks
  • LIVE DJ on request!
  • $ 100 an hour 5 hr minimum